Leadership Rockstar Group Coaching Program

For women who want to shine brighter (and make more money in the process)

  • Is there a wall between you and your next level in business? You’re working hard and you’re charging great rates, but you just can’t seem to break through this plateau on your own.
  • Are you maxed out on the number of clients you can take on or products you can sell by staying solo?
  • Do you wish you could take more time off and actually enjoy the success you’ve achieved so far?
  • Are you staring at multiple 6 or 7 figures in the distance, but have no clue how to get there with the way things are set up?
  • Do you want to add to your team, but you’re shaking in your boots at the thought of actually letting other people take care of your baby?

You just want more time off, more money in the bank, and you want to change more lives...but those things are at odds, aren’t they?

Not when you discover how to make the leap from solopreneur to CEO.
Becoming the LEADER in your business instead of the do-er is the only path to:

● Reaching a wider (read: unlimited) audience
● Selling more of your stuff (whether it’s products or services)
● Taking days, weeks, even months off from your business
● Increasing your profit and productivity while decreasing your stress
● Separating yourself from the business you run (remember you? She’s in there, and she wants to be seen and heard too!)

You are not alone. As a leadership coach, I’ve seen countless women start businesses and work their butts off only to realize later that they don’t have the money, freedom and work-life balance they set out to have in the first place!! It’s like they got lost in the shuffle of finding and serving clients, marketing, working on the website, sending newsletters, accounting, and the other 112 things your business needs to keep its doors open.

Who has time for hiring? And how would you find good people? And what if they screw up everything you’ve spent your blood, sweat and tears to build?

What if you have employees and still find yourself doing things that keep you working IN your business instead of leading in your zone of genius?

What about coaching, disciplining and evaluating employees? Ugh. This takes up so much time and energy. It doesn't have to be that way.

Let me ease your fears. I promise you:

...there are talented and reliable people you can trust with your business baby

...you really can reduce turnover and keep great people on your team (I know plenty of low-cost and no-cost ways to do so too)

...And you probably already have the money you need in your budget to hire them

It’s just about knowing what you need to do and who you need to be in order to get there.

That’s why I created the Leadership Rockstar Group Coaching Program.

Finally… a leadership group-coaching program for entrepreneurs that will save you years of trial and error, give you unshakeable confidence in hiring and provide you the freedom you so desperately need right now.

Do any of these scenarios sound like you?

SCENARIO 1: I could really do amazing things if I wasn't constantly putting out fires.

I hear this one a lot. So many entrepreneurs feel like they're unable to complete money-making, business-building things, because they have to deal with little problems all day, every day, week after week, month after month. Oh, the madness!

If this is you, you NEED to become a leader and take on staff—to save you time, sweat and sanity. Those dreams you have of reaching more people, expanding your impact, leaving a legacy you can be proud of and hitting 7 figures just can’t happen if you’re giving your full attention to working in your business instead of on it.

SCENARIO 2: I struggle to delegate – I know my business better than anyone; aren't I the best person to carry out the most important tasks?

I can relate. You started your business, and nobody knows the nooks and corners and customers the way you do. But let me let you in on a little secret—most of the things that you think only you can know are totally teachable. And when you finally do let go of the wheel, the people you bring on might even know BETTER ways to do it all. Wouldn’t that be nice?

If this is you, you need a little help hiring the right people and in the right order to free up more of your time and space.

SCENARIO 3: I struggle to find people to hire who love my business as much as I do.

This is a common issue. Maybe you’ve contracted work out with subpar results and ended up doing the work yourself or paying even more money to have it done right. Maybe you’ve hired someone because they were ‘nice’ or were referred by someone you trust, and they straight up sucked. Whomp whomp.

What if I told you that there IS a way to find the PERFECT assistant, web designer, bookkeeper, business manager, graphic designer, and more?

I have the perfect solution for you.

The Leadership Rockstar system has been honed for over 30 years. That’s 30 years of hiring and retaining top talent, so organizations large and small can grow, impact and earn more.

If you want to be supported by a world-class team, then read on.

The ONLY step-by-step leadership program that provides digestible content with immense live support every step of the way.  Rockstar Leadership starts with leading from within. When you think like a legendary leader and develop these qualities, you will become a GREAT leader and you’ll get GREAT results.

The 6 Non-Negotiable Traits of A Leadership Rockstar

FIRST, a Leadership Rockstar is someone who inspires and motivates everyone he or she comes into contact with. Whether it's the members of your team or your client/customer, people perform at their best with you there to lead the way.

SECOND, a Leadership Rockstar is someone who continuously pursues excellence. When you are constantly looking for ways to develop yourself, you lead others to do the same.

THIRD, a Leadership Rockstar is a problem-solver. As obstacles and challenges arise, you immediately begin developing a solution. Top leaders ask next-level questions so things run like a well-oiled machine.

FOURTH, a Leadership Rockstar knows how to leverage. By leveraging your own strengths and skills and those of your team, you increase productivity and revenue. The greater the impact you want to make, the greater your influence needs to be. The only way to expand your influence is to empower others along the way.

FIFTH, a Leadership Rockstar understands that trust is the foundation of leadership. Character makes trust possible and trust makes leadership possible.

SIXTH, a Leadership Rockstar knows that lasting impact is measured by their legacy. To experience true growth, you know you need to develop leaders. You impact people far beyond the people you directly touch.

How can you identify a Leadership Rockstar? By: 

  1. Who they are - Leadership Rockstars have taken the time to do the self-development work that transforms them into people others want to either be or follow.
  2. How they think - Leadership Rockstars know how to focus the team and spread their passion like wildfire.
  3.  What they do - Leadership Rockstars know what to do AND what not to do, freeing them up for better ideas and a bigger vision for the future.
  4. The results they get - When you’re running solo, you’re limited in the amount of people you can serve, the impact you can have, and the money you can make. Leadership Rockstars know that if they want to get those grand results, they can’t do it alone.

Why the Leadership Rockstar Program is different:

  • The program helps you ditch the overwhelm that comes with rapid growth.
  • You gain unshakable confidence in hiring and delegating. You’ll finally know who, when and how to hire and delegate.
  • You’ll keep top talent and truly enjoy a supportive and high performing team.
  • You’ll have clarity and a solid plan on how to scale your business to 7 figures and beyond.
  • You’ll experience true work-life balance. You finally get more done in less time and feel freedom you’ve been yearning for since starting your business. This means you have the time and bandwidth to enjoy all that money you are making in your business!

Hi there, Rockstar. I’m Tandy Elisala and I help women just like you develop your leadership skills so you can scale your business, make more money and take time off—without sacrificing anything in the process. I’ve studied, researched, taught, written, led, coached and spoken for 30 years in the fields of leadership, management, human resources, business, strategic planning, and life success. And I have 4 internationally best selling books to prove it. Among other things, I am a Certified Talent Coach, a Certified Professional Success Coach, a Huff Post contributor and, most importantly, mom to three grown kids.

Why am I telling you all of this? I did all of this while beating cancer FOUR times.

Because it would have been mission impossible for me to reach this level of success without the proper training and support along the way. Leadership training isn’t something we get in school—especially as women. But it’s one of the most important pieces to getting what we want. Think about it—the legacy we want to leave, the impact we want to have, the amount of money we want to make, the creative flexibility we crave, the time off we need to be healthy and happy...all of those things START with our ability to lead our lives and businesses.

There’s nobody else out there teaching us the leadership skills we need to become the CEOs of our own lives and businesses. I created Leadership Rockstar because I want to fill that gap so many of us get stuck in between what we have and what we want for ourselves.

This program is better than anything else available because you’re not getting advice you’ll never implement or theory that only works on paper. You’re getting:

  • My unique combination of 30 years in corporate leadership, education, and entrepreneur experience makes me best qualified to help you expand your influence, impact and legacy.
  • I can sniff out people that are a wrong fit faster than a dog on a trail. And you don’t need to give me a treat after.
  • I am a process queen. I’ve saved companies millions of dollars through streamlined processes, much like the ones I’m going to teach you in Leadership Rockstar.
  • I’ve spent 30 years perfecting how to hire right and how to keep top talent. This stuff works across companies of all sizes and industries, so I know it’s going to work for your business.
  • I taught leadership, strategic planning and human resources for 10 years at one of the largest universities in the nation. That’s right, I’m a professor.
  • I spent 4 years as a Certified Franklin Covey Facilitator in the Trust, Leadership and 7 Habits curriculum, on the forefront of the best curriculum in self development and leadership.
  • I believe leadership is an art AND a science. I teach you how to master both.
  • I believe everyone brings his or her heart to work. Gone are the days of “leave your shit at home.” I show you how to happily get more out of your team.
  • I’ve been through every excuse in the book to put my business on hold or stunt my own growth (4-time cancer survivor, divorce survivor, financial ruin survivor, and unexpected family care taker), but I got through it and I can help you do the same.
  • I give 1000% to everything I do… this means I’ll hold you accountable and be your biggest cheerleader.
  • I believe done is better than perfect. It’s all about taking imperfect action.
  • I give you done for you forms, templates and everything needed to scale your business and amplify your results.

All this sounds great, Tandy. Tell me more!

Over eight (8) weeks together, we are going to tackle all aspects of leading from within, leading a movement and leading a team.

This program starts Monday, May 22nd, 2017.



You’ll discover:

● The 8 qualities of the most effective leaders in the world and how to develop them in yourself
● The 12 laws of leadership and how to draw on these laws for maximum impact in your business
● How to identify your blind spots and get rid of them
● The leadership style that has the biggest and best impact for your people
● The ONE ability that, above all others, sets a leader apart (and how to develop this ability NOW)
● The strategic planning map that keeps businesses profitable and productive
● 6 key qualities for entrepreneurial leadership in dealing with today's clients/customers
● My 5-part method for strategic planning so you can think effectively about your business
● How to bring out extraordinary performance from ordinary people
● Your core values and why they matter big time when you’re hiring
● And more!

At the end of week one, you'll have:

  • Your core values identified/affirmed and steps to align them with everything you say and do.
  • A strategic planning map/blueprint specifically for your business.
  • Your personal leadership strengths and weaknesses and how to strengthen all 12 critical laws of leadership.
  • An understanding of your blind spots.


You’ll discover:

  • The most valuable contribution you can make to your business and your life
  • How to separate the urgent from the important – along with a system to create clear priorities
  • The one thing that can make or break you as you strive for business growth
  • How to consistently trust your intuition when making decisions
  • How to develop a personal learning plan and ensure it gets followed
  • Why energy is everything and everything is energy. You’ll learn how to master your thoughts and connect emotionally with your BIG dreams. This is where the magic happens.
  • The ways of thinking that can hold you back from the legacy you want to leave, the lives you want to change, and the things you want for yourself.
  • The difference between leading from within and how to lead others.
  • And more!

At the end of week two, you'll:

  • Have your personal learning plan for the year so you stay on track.
  • Know how to be free from limiting beliefs and blocks.


You’ll discover:

  • The 9 components to creating a high performance culture
  • Why vision is critical and how to effectively communicate it
  • The 4 barriers to successful planning and how to overcome them
  • The 9 step formula for getting the right stuff done
  • The feelings people MUST have in order to perform at their best – and how to create a work environment that nurtures these feelings
  • And more!

At the end of week three, you'll have:

  • A culture blueprint, roadmap and resources to create a rockstar culture.
  • Time management and productivity secrets and hacks from the best leaders in the world.


You’ll discover:

  • The 9 components to the perfect hire
  • 5 questions you must ask yourself before you hire
  • The most effective questions to ask during interviews
  • How to tell when someone is really qualified and when they are full of crap
  • Tips to hire the perfect assistant
  • Who to hire and in what order
  • How to get REAL feedback from references
  • Why you never want to hire someone solely based on referral
  • Powerful and unique ways to evaluate candidates
  • How to quickly tell if someone is a right fit or not
  • How to objectively evaluate candidates
  • The ONE thing you MUST do before hiring anyone
  • Where to find quality candidates
  • Critical on-boarding elements to get your employees off to a great start
  • And more!

At the end of week four, you'll have:

  • Job Description templates for all positions. Attract the right people!
  • Time tested interview questions for all types of hires. Use this as is or in conjunction with your favorite interview questions.
  • A winning checklist to objectively evaluate candidates (yes, we take your intuition into account).
  • A reference guide to getting real feedback on candidates.
  • A hiring framework so you know exactly who to hire and in what order.
  • An onboarding guide and checklist to consistently ensure your team knows your goals, standards and expectations.

This covers everything from offer to the 1st 90 days. One of the biggest reasons people leave within the first 6 months is a lack of vision, communication and expectations.

NOTE: We have an implementation week built in between weeks four and five. No entrepreneur is left behind! You get personalized support along the way.


You’ll discover:

  • Exactly what REALLY motivates people – so you can get your team to perform at their best
  • A 5-pronged approach to giving effective feedback
  • Keys to managing virtual teams
  • Best ways to evaluate performance
  • Some of the best ideas ever discovered for building winning teams – and coaching them to success
  • Characteristics of winning teams – and how to ensure your team develops these
  • The 2 main needs of your team members, and how to make sure you meet them
  • The most effective model of performance to use with your employees
  • The REAL purpose of your business (no matter what business you're in)
  • How to effectively navigate and utilize meetings
  • How to ensure your team understands how their role impacts other parts of your business.
  • And more!

At the end of week five, you'll have:

  • A customizable performance feedback tool and rating system.
  • Relevant and easy team building tips.
  • A meeting management guide with details on how to have effective meetings. This alone will save time and increase engagement.


You’ll discover:

  • Strategies for dealing with difficult people and situations effectively
  • 5 keys to effective delegation
  • Communication and relationship building scripts
  • How to delegate without feeling like you are losing control
  • How to encourage effective problem solving on your staff, so you can leverage all the brain power you’ve got
  • The assumptions that can stop you from making good decisions
  • No cost/low cost benefits that keep the keepers and demonstrate your commitment to their growth
  • And more!

At the end of week six, you'll have:

  • A personalized coaching and relationship building plan.
  • Conversation scripts around performance, attitude, and everything in between.
  • Effective delegation tools.
  • Low cost/no cost benefits to keep top performers and set you apart from the competition.


You’ll discover:

  • How to rally people around your important cause and keep their fire raging 24/7
  • How managing volunteers is different than managing employees and why giving them control benefits your vision.
  • Why staying uncomfortable with progress is key to growth.
  • And more!

At the end of week seven, you'll have:

  • A "start a movement" guide.
  • A blueprint for expanding your visibility, trust and results.


You’ll discover:

  • The questions to ask yourself when creating processes.
  • How to streamline any process; saving you time and money while increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Have the secrets top leaders use to measure performance and have the plug and play formula for your specific business.
  • The systems you need to take your business to 7 figures and beyond.
  • How to create consistent training materials for every job.
  • And more!

At the end of week eight, you'll have:

  • A complete checklist of all the systems and processes you'll need to scale your biz - complete with recommendations.
  • My comprehensive guide to process improvement with templates and questions that helped me save companies millions of dollars and created world class service levels. Includes done for you questions and an easy evaluation tool to determine priorities and make decisions on your next best move.

NOTE: We'll have a second implementation week after week eight. This is your opportunity to leverage our time together and get my personal feedback on all of the above!

You’ll receive:

  • Weekly live coaching calls and Q&A.
  • Private facebook group with daily mentoring. Connect with others in the program, develop meaningful connections and get rockstar support.
  • Guest expert master classes from leaders in complementary business areas.
  • Done-for-you forms, checklists, workbooks, videos, etc…
  • Lifetime access to all calls and materials.


BONUS #1: Employee and Customer Engagement Survey Templates

Everyone who registers will get my employee and customer engagement survey templates with full explanations on why each question is important, what each result means and specific action plans to improve each area. Plug everything into your chosen survey tool and have confidence you are asking the right questions and you know exactly what to do with the results.   Value: $1,997

BONUS #2: PDF Guide to Creating and Rebuilding Trust

Everyone who registers will get my PDF guide to creating and rebuilding trust; including conversation prompts to facilitate these sometimes-difficult conversations in all your relationships.  Value: $197

BONUS #3: Guide to 13 Common Entrepreneur Mindset Blocks and How To Overcome Them

Understanding the blocks that keep you playing small is essential to your growth and success. Learn these 13 mindset blocks and get proven tips to overcome each one. Value: $297

BONUS #4: VIP 1:1 Full Day Intensive (For the first FIVE pay in full Platinum registrations)

The first FIVE (5) people who PAY IN FULL for the Platinum Rockstar option will get a VIP FULL DAY INTENSIVE with me. Use it for post program support, deep dive process  improvement, review your plans… even get my help with interviewing. Value: $2,997

BONUS # 5: 30 minute coaching call with Tandy

Everyone who registers at the bronze, gold or platinum level (full-pay) will get a 30 minute coaching call with me. All calls will be scheduled before the program starts or the week of May 22nd. Value: $187

As a result of this program, you will:

  • Have an action plan on exactly how you’re going to grow your business to 7 figures and beyond.
  • Have more time to do more of what you do well and enjoy…in life and business.
  • Develop powerful world-class leadership skills.
  • Get the tools to confidently hire right the first time. You’ll know who to hire and in what order. You’ll also have objective criteria for evaluating all candidates.
  • Feel FULLY supported.
  • Slay the limiting beliefs that are preventing you from playing full-out.
  • Consistently trust your intuition and let guide you through your business growth.
  • Know how to create (or strengthen) a culture that supports your vision.
  • Take care of your employees so they take care of your customers!
  • Have proven, relevant no cost/low cost benefits to keep the keepers highly engaged (so they don’t secretly dream of how they can quit or stop caring and hurt your credibility and customer loyalty).
  • Save countless hours gathering interview questions that feel like throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks. You’ll have EXACT questions for every type of hire you’ll need in your business.
  • Stop wasting your hard earned money on coaches, programs, consultants, etc… that only give you part of the solution.
  • Receive proven delegation tools that will help you know what, when and how to delegate.
  • Know specifically how to keep track of progress without feeling like you are micromanaging.
  • Have the secrets top leaders use to measure performance and have the plug and play formula for your specific business.
  • Get your hands on the exact scripts with all the components to an effective performance conversation. Plus, you’ll get my ready to use bulletproof evaluation tool to use for your employees.
  • Have strategies for dealing with difficult people and situations effectively, and as painlessly as possible.
  • Have a thorough guide to manage virtual employees.
  • And more!

After this program, you’ll:

  • Be more confident in hiring and delegating.
  • Know exactly how to scale your business to 7 figures and beyond.
  • Be the kind of leader that inspires loyalty and high performance.
  • Be the envy of all your fellow entrepreneurs who want to know your secrets.
  • Work less and accomplish more than you ever thought possible.
  • Dramatically improve your business results.
  • Feel true freedom… you’ll have the time and energy to enjoy your success. Can you say true work-life balance!?!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I can't afford this program? +

A: Every dollar counts - especially as a small business owner. You won't find anything like this ANYWHERE. You will pay 10 times the cost of this program just for one part of what this program covers.

Plus, consider this: (1)You get lifetime access to all materials, (2) You will save countless time struggling to know how to scale your business, hire the right people and keep the keepers, (3) You will save gobs of money, (4) I'm offering six-pay options that fit into virtually any budget.

What's it worth to you to have all of this at your fingertips?  Get creative. Ask yourself, how can I afford it?

Q: When does the program start? +

A: We start Monday, May 22nd, 2017. We'll have weekly coaching calls on Mondays and Q&A calls on Fridays. Time is TBD.

Q: What if I can't make it live? +

A: I've got your back, rockstar! All calls are recorded and made available within 24 hours. Also, if you know you can't make a call (or FB live) and have questions, you can email me ahead of time and I'll be sure to address your questions during the call -anonymously of course.

Q: What if I don't have time to devote to the program? +

A: Time is our biggest asset. Great leaders are great learners. We spend time on the things we value. If your business and dreams are as important to you as I think they are, you'll make the time. Taking time now will save you endless time later.

If you are busy launching that big program or taking a well deserved vacation, know that all the materials and calls are available in your membership site 24/7.

Q: What if I don't have employees yet? +

A: This program is perfect for you because you'll gain the confidence in hiring right and you'll have the EXACT scripts, templates and forms needed to recruit, interview, hire and retain the very best support system.

Q: What if I'm already making multiple six-figures or seven figures and already have a team? +

A: Congratulations on your incredible success! You found this program at the right time. You may have made some good hiring decisions but do you know what motivates them, what they think of you, and whether you are truly getting high performance from them? Do you know how to keep them and prevent competitors from poaching your team? Do you know HOW to SCALE your business so you can get to multiple seven figures WITHOUT having to hire staff in proportion with your explosive growth? If you answered NO to any of these questions, then this program will benefit you tremendously.

Q: What if I contract out my work and don't plan on hiring actual employees? +

A: Great question. If you are paying any person, agency, organization, etc.. to help you get things done, you still need to have the tools to keep them motivated, increase productivity, and scale your processes to support your growth.

Besides, delegating is an art and I'm sharing all my tips and tools with you to know how to delegate effectively.

Q: What if I use software or plugins with processes built in to support my business? +

A: Yay! You've taken an important step in allowing growth. In my experience though, no ONE software or plugin always does everything. There are always moving parts. There are processes outside of systems to consider. I'm able to take any process and streamline it; helping you grow and scale without having to increase the # of employees in proportion with your growth. In other words, you enjoy greater profits, better customer service and loyalty and you hire for the skills needed to get you to the next level.

Q: I'm new to my business and I'm not making any money yet. Is this program right for me? +

A: Probably not and here's why. If you are new to your business, you may not be clear on your ideal client or how you help them. You may be at a point where you are focused on where your next client will come from. You may be figuring out the whole website thing or the marketing funnel. This program isn't about that.  You may be better served in a program or with a coach that teaches the business fundamentals and helps you get off the ground and making money. Once you are there, I can help take you to the next level and beyond.

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Included in this Program:

1. The complete leadership rockstar coaching program including 8 modules (Value $1,997)

2. 8 hours of coaching calls with Tandy Elisala (Value: $997)

3. 8 hours of deep dive group Q&A calls with Tandy Elisala (Value: $997)

4. Fill-in-the-blank templates and done-for-you guides (Value: $997)

Plus, You Will Receive These BONUSES:

1. BONUS #1: Employee and Customer Engagement Survey Templates (Value: $1,997)

2. BONUS #2: PDF Guide to Creating and Rebuilding Trust (Value: $197)

3. BONUS #3: Guide to 13 Common Entrepreneur Mindset Blocks and How To Overcome Them (Value: $297)

4. BONUS #4: VIP 1:1 Full Day Intensive (For the first FIVE pay in full Platinum registrations) (Value: $2,997)

5. BONUS # 5: 30 minute coaching call with Tandy (Value: $187)

6. A wealth of special bonus resources, including valuable step-by-step scripts, templates, interview questions, and more.

7. MP3 audio recordings of all calls.

8. Transcripts of all calls.

TOTAL VALUE: $10,663

I understand that I'm investing in the Leadership Rockstar Group Coaching Program which comes with Tandy's "You Rock" 100% Guarantee.

I am completely committed to you achieving amazing results with this program that will exceed your investment. That's why I guarantee this program works, and that you will get results when you actively participate and do the work.

In fact, I am so committed to you getting the results you want, that if you fully implement my program and don't see results, let me know within 30 days of the program start date (May 8th, 2017) and I will make sure you get 1:1 support from me to help you get results. If you still don't get results, I'll happily refund your entire investment.

Important: I require that you submit your completed homework before refunding you, because I know that if you take action and apply everything in the system, you WILL get results.


When you begin to think like a great leader and develop these qualities, you will become a rockstar leader. As a result, you will experience exponential business growth.

So if you're ready to dramatically improve your business results, gain unshakable confidence hiring and delegating, and get a strategy to scale your business to 7 figures and beyond… take action now--and get my latest program.

Remember, leaders aren't born, they're made.


P.S.  It's time to ask yourself the right question.

Instead of "How can I get more done and stay focused?" You should ask yourself, "How can I scale my business to 7 figures and beyond?"


My Rockstar Leadership Program is EXACTLY what you need to answer to that question.

Still unsure if this program is right for you? No worries! Email me at tandy@tandyelisala.com and I'll answer your questions. If we need to hop on a call to discuss, we can certainly do that.

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